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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 27, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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afternoon. welcome to the september 24, 2019 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madame clerk, will you please call the roll? [roll called] brown present. fewer present. haney not present. mandelman present. mar present. peskin present. ronen not present. safai present.
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stefani present. walton present. and president yee present. haney present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> president yee: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, would you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> president yee: on behalf of the board, i would like this acknowledge the staff of sfgovtv, michael and samuel, who record each of our meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. madame clerk, are there any
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communications? >> i have none to report, mr. president. >> president yee: okay. madame clerk and colleagues, before we proceed, let's go to -- this is our second time we're going to do this. our city department highlights. it's a new monthly segment that we started a few months ago. too often we just talk about the problems we're facing. this is an opportunity for the board and the members of the public to learn a little bit more about the good work that our departments are actually doing to help make our city a little better. today we have a short clip produced by our emmy award winning team at sfgovtv featuring the department of environment zero waste grant. we have charles here to set up
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the clip. the floor is yours. >> thank you, supervisor, and thank you seniors of the board of supervisors. we're pleased to a -- that you allowed us to introduce this video before you today. i'm charles from the san francisco department of environment. the department has a long-term commitment and long history in supporting community groups that help the city achieve its environmental goals. to that end, we offer grand making opportunities from our zero waste and carbon fund programs and there is usually specific parameters for the funding of the grants, like recycling and composting. and sequestering carbon emissions. but we always want to make sure we're ensuring broad co-benefits for our grants. that means we're not only using the grants to get closer to the environmental goals, but we're also creating jobs, feeding the hungry, building stronger communities. and providing resources to artists and educators who have
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limited means. this video is a wonderful example of the program. and the funding for our zero waste grants, the goals are very simple. we're keeping excess food out of our landfill. as you know, when you have food waste, food that goes into landfill, it creates methane and this is a global climate issue throughout the world. but as you'll see in this video, it's more than just that. our impact is bigger than just keeping things out of a landfill. we're able to leverage our projects to serve the community and help some of san francisco's most vulnerable residents and increase their access to healthy food and healthy produce. and that's kind of the core of what the department of environment does. we like to improve the livelihood of our residents and businesses through environmental services. we want to occupy the space where an environmental outcome, not only reduces emissions, but also feeds the city's most
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vulnerable. so before i begin, i just want to do a little quick history, because the grant you're going to see in the video is a couple of years old, but in early 2019, we awarded 14 new grants through the program and some of those include garden for the environment, groceries for seniors, and probably many other groups you've heard of. so i'm going to play the video and then we're happy to answer questions you might have i think the audio is on, so i'm going to hit play. [ ♪ ] san francisco department of the environment is place where big ideas hit the street. we understand the importance of making climate action relatable for the everyday person. we know that we don't have all the answers. we need to support our local champions, our local community to find creative solutions and innovations that help us get to zero waste.
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>> zero waste is sending nothing to landfill or incineration using reused and recovery and prevention as ways to achieve zero waste. the program is a grant program specifically for non-profits in san francisco to divert material from landfill. it's important to find the san francisco produce market because there is a lot of edible food that can be recovered that may need additional assistance from our department to find positions to capture that food and focus on food recovery. >> san francisco market is a wholesale produce market that connects farmers and their produce with food businesses throughout the bay area. i think it's a basic human right to have access to healthy food and all of this food here is available. it's a matter of creating the infrastructure, creating jobs
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and the system whereby none of this goes to race. since the beginning of the program we've donated over a million pounds of produce and that resulted in over 900,000 meals to people in our community, which we're very proud of. >> the produce is always excellent. we get things like broccoli, brussel sprouts, bell peppers. lots of different produce. everything we use is nice and fresh. so when our clients get it, they enjoy it. and importantly, to me, to feel good about what i do and working in programs such as ecs really provides that for me. it's helping people.
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that's what it's all about. i really enjoy that. >> to work at the produce market for me represents the intersection between environment and community. and when we're working at that intersection, when we're using our resources and our passion and our energy to heal the planet and feed the people, nothing is better than that. >> >> president yee: thank you, charles. thank you to the department. could you do me a favor and send this clip to president trump? >> will do. thank you. >> president yee: this is a segment i hope to add to our board meetings monthly. so please provide your suggestions, if there is any department in the city, any initiatives that you would like us to highlight. madame clerk, can you please call the first item.
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>> item 1 is ordinance to amend the campaign and governmental conduct code to increase the matching ratio for campaign contributions raised by the candidates and the amount of public funds available for those candidates. >> president yee: please call the roll. ronen aye. safai aye. stefani aye. walton aye. yee aye. brown aye. fewer aye. haney aye. mandelman aye. mar aye. peskin aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: without objection, this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. please call the next item. >> item 2 is ordinance to amend the administrative code to amend
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heart trouble and pneumonia pre-assumptions for firefighter and police officers. >> president yee: same house, same council? without objection, this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. please call item number 3. >> 3, ordinance to amend the environment code to require all nonresidential buildings of 50,000 square feet for more to provide all on site electricity demands from 100% greenhouse gas free or renewable sources and authorize the director of the environment to adopt rules and to form the ceqa determination. >> president yee: same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. please call the next item. >> we have two mayoral nominations. item 4 is mayoral nomination to
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the historic preservation commission for the consideration of chris foley, for term ending december 31, 2020. >> president yee: before we do that, supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president yee, thank you for the one-week continuance. nothing that changed -- nothing has changed. there has been no movement from the administration or the supervisor, but i do hope the fuss that i have put up will inform us going forward. and particularly inform the administration as to what i think is the appropriate way to reach out to board members, particularly in this case, the board member who authored section 4.135 of the charter, for the historic preservation commission. and moreover, to actually reach out to the community. as i said last week, not only is
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san francisco architectural heritage not the beneficiary of that advance outreach and collaboration, but a host of other organizations that work in the historic preservation field, including the chinese historical society and others were not outreached to at all. and so i think that this is not the right way of going about it. we have not read item 4, but i would like to differentate a little bit, for two reasons, which i spoke to last week. one is that as to item 4, which is an appointment to seat number 5, the qualifications for that seat are by design much more broad and flexible. that is not the case in the next item where -- which hasn't been called yet, but seat number 2 is specifically for a true preservation architect. as i was saying to staff of one
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of my colleagues, i don't think there is a wide understanding about the architectural field. when you put it in terms of doctors, people get it. there are doctors and general practitioners and that is very different than the subfield of being a brain surgeon or a heart surgeon or podiatrist, but when you do in the realm of architecture, an argument text is architect, that's not true. i'm not here to convince you. i'm here to say let this be a learning lesson. let us not do this going forward. the other difference between the two seats, the fact that at least in my experience, the nominee for the item that is before us, seat 4, took it upon himself long before he was
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nominated to reach out to the preservation community, to reach out to the supervisor, the author of section 4.135, whereas in the case of the next item, that didn't happen at all. both nominations, of course, were made while we were on summer recess, which, as i expressed last week, was a little funky. and not really in the spirit of the collaboration that i've mostly enjoyed with this administration. so i think i've spoken enough to seats -- to this item and the next item. so i'm happy to have a vote now. >> president yee: okay. we have to take roll call on this one? okay. can we take this item number 4, same house, same call? then this motion is approved unanimously. please call the next item. item 5 is the board of supervisors consideration of the
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mayoral appointment to the historic preservation commission of lydia so. >> president yee: please call the roll. ronen aye. safai aye. stefani aye. walton aye. yee aye. brown aye. fewer aye. haney aye. mandelman no. mar aye. peskin no. there are nine ayes and two nos, with supervisors mandelman and peskin in dissent. >> president yee: this is approved with 9-2 vote. please call 6 through 9 together. >> three ordinances that authorize the execution of certificates of participation
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for item 6, cop not in amount to exceed 96 million to finance real property at 820 bryant street, 476 street and lease of laguna honda boulevard. for item 7, cop not to exceed $62 million to finance the acquisition of real property at 850 bryant street and the lease at 375 laguna honda boulevard. same for above as determined by the director of finance. item 8, in an amount not to exceed $62 million for the hall of justice improvement project. for item 9, cop in an amount not to exceed 78.6 million and placing various amounts depending on the sales of certification.
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>> president yee: please call roll. >> ronen aye. safai aye. stefani aye. walton aye. yee aye. brown aye. fewer aye. haney aye. mandelman aye. mar aye. peskin aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: without objection, these ordinances are passed on first reading unanimously. please call items 10 and 11 together. >> items 10 and 11 are two resolutions that approve airport leases for one retail concession lease between emporio rulli doing business as chocolate boutique in the city for seven years, with a two one-year option to extend or minimum
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annual guarantee of 150,000 for the first year of the lease. item 11, sfo cart lease between smarte carte and the city with a three-year term, with option to extend for $6.5 million. mr. president, different house. oh. same house same call. >> president yee: without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. >> item 12 is a resolution to approve the fifth amendment to the contract between the city and health, to provide comprehensive outreach and programming for homeless individuals and extend the term of the contract for an additional 20 months through june 30, 2021 and increase the contract amount from $15.3 million to a new total of $39 million. >> president yee: supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: thank you, president yee. is there somebody from the department of homelessness that can answer questions.
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hi. >> director cis on his way to te building. he's on his -- >> president yee: we can go onto the next item. >> item 13, resolution to authorize the office of contract administration to enters into a contract for auctioning services with bar none auction with an anticipated revenue of $1.3 million for a term through september 30, 2022. >> president yee: same house, same call? without action, this resolution is adopted unanimously. item 14. >> resolution to authorize the director of property to sell up to 550,000 gross square feet of remaining transferrable developments right, previously authorized from the war memorial complex located at 301 and 401 van ness avenue at fair market value and execute and record
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certificates of transfer and to take such additional action as may be necessary to effectuate one or more transfers in accordance with planning code section 128. >> president yee: same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call the next item. >> item 15, resolution to authorize officers and employees of the office of the treasurer and tax collector to examine sales or transactions and use tax records of the california department of tax and fee administration. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this is adopted unanimously. please call 16. >> item 16, resolution to approve the form and authorize the distribution of a preliminary official statement relating to the execution and delivery of city and certificates of participation for the 49 south van ness project and to authorize the preparation, execution and
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delivery of a final official statement, and ratify the approvals and terms and conditions of a previous ordinance and related matters as defined herein. >> president yee: colleagues, same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call the next item. >> item 17, resolution to authorize agents to act on behalf of the city for all matters pertaining to state and federal disaster and emergency assistance funding. >> president yee: colleagues, same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is passed unanimously. >> item 18, resolution to approve the 2019 grant application for the united states department of housing and urban development continuum of care program with an amount not to exceed approximately 51.1 million and to fulfill the board of supervisors review and approval process for all annual or recurring grants of $5
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million. >> president yee: same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item 19. >> item 19 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to update and revise the legislative findings in support of indigenous peoples day. >> president yee: supervisor brown? >> supervisor brown: yes. thank you. today i'm proud to present community request for indigenous peoples day here in san francisco. these edits ensure. as you know, we're guests on land of the indigenous. this makes this legislation more inclusive. it recognizes surrounding nations that moved in and out of the area. and acknowledges that san francisco was a site for relocation poll resulting in native american people, all of whom contributed to the vitality
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of the city today. these edits removed previous incorrect resolutions while acknowledging the innovation and ground-breaking resolution that our now neighboring city of berkeley that spurred this movement of the recognition of the people of this the country. i want to thank them for their 526 years of indigenous resistance. thank you. >> president yee: colleagues, same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madame clerk, back -- i see that mr. -- go back to item 12. >> item 12 is the contract amendment for health comprehensive outreach and case management programming.
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>> supervisor haney: thank you. i have a few questions from you, director. i'm very happy to see that we're expanding the hot team. i wanted to maybe hear more. it sounds like we're extending it for a short amount of time to reevaluate the contract? or to sort of look at things that might change about it. what are some of the things we look at when we evaluate the hot outcomes? and are those different in this sort of new extended contract? >> i think that the previous outcomes from the contract that we inherited from the department of public health was process outcomes. like you'll have an outreach team. there weren't any targets for work being done. and the new interim contract, we have added a number of outcomes related to the number of people who are entered into our
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coordinated entry system. mostly targeted goals toward achieving our strategic framework. but i think this requires a longer discussion and a broader discussion which is why we've only requested a short extension. we're going to stand up a working group early next year and have recommendations and discuss this with the board of supervisors well in advance of issuing another r.f.p. in hopes of really looking at -- some more significant changes to the contract. >> supervisor haney: is response time one of the things we look at or measure? >> no. i mean i think that's kind of more of a city-wide metric you can see on the hsoc dashboard in terms of responding to 311 calls. the hot team -- this is one of the things we should look at,
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but the hot team is not designed to be first responders. the original idea around the hot team was there would be two teams. one that was assigned to various parts of the city and doing outreach to homeless people there, developing relationships which often times can take time. and then having those individuals handed off or assigned to a case manager and put into a stabilization unit. they're looking for individuals who are struggling on the streets, who don't do well in a congregate setting. over the years they've been asked to participate in the response to 311 concerns about homelessness. that is coordinated through hsoc, but the majority of the homeless outreach team workers are assigned to a district with a different charge. we do have a number of first responders teams that are out at all times. seven days a week, during two shifts. the additional case managers will add to our capacity to
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respond to those calls, but i think we need a broader discussion around the goals, the expectations about when a 311 call is made. how do we best service people experiencing homelessness with this resource? >> supervisor haney: you said they're available at all times? >> i'm, sorry, they work two shifts seven days a week. so roughly available -- they come on around 6:30 and 7 and 930 p.m. seven days a week. >> supervisor haney: no homeless outreach at nighttime? >> we stop at 9:30 at night. >> supervisor haney: is that one of the things you might look at in terms of recommendations. i see there are recommendations in june 2020. are there a set of recommendations that will change at all how they operate now? or they're just sort of operating the same? >> they continue to operate now -- well, actually there has been many changes made significantly the pay has been
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increased by 13% for all workers. we've created a pathway for workers and have added a lead position that also not only provides promotion opportunities for hot team members, but also provides better super evacuat n evacuation -- supervision for the line staff. those are the two most significant changes. and then we reorganized around sort of what we're asked to do. the hot team is four different teams. you have the first responders team. the community responders we call them, that are generally responding to 311 and other complaints. you have the regular outreach team that are working in neighborhoods trying to develop relationships with folks. you have special projects like we've been contracted by bart and muni and the library and rec and park to provide services to those entities. and then the case management team, which is about 20 case managers that are working with
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between 5-10 high needs clients at a time, who are either in our shelter system, or more often than not, in stabilization units, which are single rooms in sros that they're staying in until we get them into treatment or a pathway to housing. we reorganized how those function. there was a lack of clarity. they were lumped together into one bucket. we've created clearer -- i should say he luna health has constructed for the individuals to provide the staff with better support to better serve clients. and the changes to the play and adding the lead position. >> supervisor haney: there is going to be a short-term contract, which is basically the same as the one that we've been operating under, and then during the time of the short-term contract, you're going to put forward recommendations that will impact what they do
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immediately? or impact the new contract? >> would impact the new contract? >> so for the next 18 months they operate and you the same structure they've had. >> well not exactly the same structure. within a better pay structure and i would argue a more clear structure. in this new contract are there five or six outcome measures that we're expecting the contractor to perform against. so we're changing their focus really to focus on making sure that each hot team member is out getting people into our coordinated entry system. so every time they're engaging with somebody, they're able to look them up and see if they're in coordinated entry and if not, provide an assessment so whether or not we do it on the street or whether they're escorted to one of our access points, we're able to make sure more and more people are getting access to our system of care. things have changed, evolved.
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so i would say it's not the same. it's not the same now as it was a year ago. even though the contract hasn't been approved, they're operating under some of these same expectations that we have developed for them over the past six months. >> supervisor haney: thank you. i guess, i hope that i can learn more about what our plans are. i have sort of questions and concerns about our broader outreach approach, which is partly hot, partly hsoc, but what i see in my neighborhood in the tenderloin is often folks out there, who may get woken up and moved in the morning by police, but rarely am i getting a sense they're getting effective outreach from folks who are trying to get them support and help and off the
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street. maybe a capacity issue. obviously then, the nighttime and emergency situation response is a concern for me as well. so i hope that we can look at their outcomes and supporting them to be as effective as possible, within a larger krout reach framework. thank you. >> supervisor walton: thank you. just a quick question for clarity. i do know that i do believe that some of the increased staffing under this will be for a team dedicated to working with people who are living in their vehicles, correct? >> that's correct. >> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes. i just wanted to thank you, president yee, i just wanted to share with supervisor haney that we on the budget committee had many, many questions about this contract also. and have asked the department to come back as part of the budget process to give us an update.
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and also an update on the r.s.p., too. thank you. >> president yee: okay. i think that might be it for you, director. can we take this same house, same call? okay. without objection then, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, we're at 2:34. let's go to the 2:30 item. >> it's time to celebrate and recognize individuals in our community which represent the latinx community. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, and special guests, welcome to our latinx heritage month celebration. today each of us will be honoring incredible community members from latinx heritage who
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have contributed so much to san francisco. i will now hand this off to supervisor ronen of district 9, whose office helped to coordinate today's celebration. supervisor ronen, please share your remarks. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much, president yee. i am extremely excited to be here for this extraordinary ceremony today. in honor of latinx heritage month, my office is very proud to host this celebration that recognizes several standout latinx community members from each district who embody the profound resilience and rich cultural heritage of san francisco's latinx community. i would like to thank my colleagues for working with the extraordinary paul of my office for making this celebration possible. as you all know, paul recently
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joinedmy office a few weeks ago and he's already pulled off this incredible celebration. i feel really lucky. there he is. very lucky to get to work with you every day, paul. thank you for all you've done. this is our second year of hosting these commendations and the celebration during latinx heritage month and we're hopeful this will become a lasting tradition, so we can celebrate the contributions that the latinx community has made to our city. this year's theme, we are san francisco. specifically recognizing some exemplary community members from across the city, who are either immigrants themselves or have made notable contributions in serving latinx communities. despite all of the hateful receipt recognize that continues to spew from our federal administration and in light of the white supremacist killings
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in texas that targeted people of latinx descent, with we wanted to strike a more hopeful note and showcase the power of the latinx community by elevating the stories of remarkable san franciscans. these individuals are small business owners, architects, educators, community organizers and most importantly they represent just how much better, brighter, safer and stronger san francisco is made by the diverse immigrant families and individuals who we are all so lucky to call our neighbors and have as part of our community. i would again like to thank my colleagues for joining me in recognizing these remarkable leaders and community members from each of our districts. i would like to give an additional shoutout to natalie yen, javier, and ann, who all volunteer in my office and worked closely with paul to make
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the celebration today possible. as well as the brilliant -- we have tons of amazing brilliant latinx legislative aides in our offices that all contributed as well, including tracy, sunny, ian and juan. thanks to everyone who worked hard on this. now, i have the absolute pleasure of opening today's commendations and then we will go in order of supervisors by last name, with one exception. safai is jumping the line, but he is only doing so for our beloved ingrid. he'll come after me. because she is department head -- not yet, ingrid, sorry, you're second. she's the department head that has to get back to a meeting. with that, if i could call up armando, the latinx heritage month honouree. [applause]
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armando, thank you for doing this for me, because believe it or not, a dream of mine has been to honor you since i became supervisor. only took me three years, but today is truly a realization of a goal of mine. thank you for letting me recognize your incredible contributions to this community. armando is an immigrant from mexico who for the past 50 years has called the mission district his home. has made outstanding contributions to the latinx community and is passionate, tenacious pursuit for creating spaces for families. he grew up in a small rural town in mexico with no running water or electricity. in 1969, his family arrived in the mission and lived in the
8:39 am
community ever since. he's a product of local schools, attending marshall, everett and mission high, before going on to study at city college, sf state and u.c. berkeley for graduate work. he decided to become an architect and credits one of highs teachers for setting in motion his career. he believes that housing is a human right and having a home is connected to the well-being of families. children shouldn't have to worry about having a roof over their heads and parents shouldn't have to work more than one job so they can devote jobs to their families. this is the essence of a healthy lifestyle which has become his architect mantra and focuses on the importance of spaces. to armando, space light and geometry can have a positive effect. he worked in the private sector for some time, but in search of
8:40 am
something more rewarded, he went back to school to get his graduate degree. for ten years he worked in the mission housing development corporation, focussing on creating healthy spaces and advocating for designs that accommodate multi-generational family structures, age appropriate for young children and adults and push the limits on sustainability by using environmentally sound materials. he designed a building at 21 and south van ness, one of the first h.i.v. welcoming spaces that included amenities like healing gardens and transferred s.r.o.s by introducing case management and other services. he's been working as a consultant to nonprofit, to as he puts it, meet his social responsibility. i once asked his wife, how does he make money to support the family? because he basically volunteers
8:41 am
for everyone. this work is included, renovating the mission, cedar, which he shared were rewarding and extremely challenging. that's an under statement. and he sees this work as a way to connect with his community and be part of a team which he loves. living in the mission for 50 years, he has witnessed the serious impacts of gentrification. we need to remain sensitive to the contact of the surrounding buildings and the mission's existing culture when we design and build. right now, he is designing a nine-story family building that has a modern exterior. he is providing consultation services for three of the five affordable housing projects now
8:42 am
being constructed in the mission. he's amazing, right? despite his very full work and family schedule, armando has always found time to volunteer with community organizations. he got involved with st. peter's housing committee. he has served several terms of the community services and served as a building inspection in order to bring light to substandard building conditions in the mission. my office has the incredible as a member of the front staff office team. thank you for everything you do. you're a hero of mine. and i want to thank you and your entire family for everything you do for our community. congratulations.
8:43 am
[applause] >> thank you, supervisor ronen and members of the board. on this warm day in san francisco. they're actually a source of inspiration to keep me going. but i also want to thank the mission community, the latino community in san francisco, that continues to maintain its presence.
8:44 am
so thank you very much. really, really appreciate this from the bottom of my heart. >> and amy as well.
8:45 am
[applause] >> president yee: while we're finishing up with that, why don't we have supervisor safai go ahead and announce your award. >> all right, ms. ingrid -- [applause] i'm so proud to be here today to shine a light on a phenomenal woman that has dedicated so much of her life to giving back to the families and children of san
8:46 am
francisco. i'm honored today to honor ingrid as my district 11 honouree for the latinx heritage month. she is a pioneer and champion for all children and families here in san francisco. as i said, she is dedicated almost her entire career to that cause. so many lives have been touched by her work. and so many children have benefitted from the programs she helped to put in place. i know, president yee, you know that firsthand having worked with her over the last couple of decades. throughout her career, ingrid has fought to ensure that all have access to high quality care to prepare them for the rest of their lives. for 25 years, ingrid has contributed to the non-profited and public sectors in various capacities, including strategist, director, advisor, consultant and board member for many different organizations dedicated to these types of causes. ingrid has developed and managed
8:47 am
multiple children and family service programs, including implementing preschool for all. san francisco universal preschool system. to ensure children have access to high quality preschool. let that sink in. there is not many places in the united states that have preschool for all and universal child care. and in the city dwindling numbers of families and working families, having access to good quality affordable child care is one of the most important steps we can take in our journey toward justice and our journey toward bridging the gap and the educational achievement gap. ingrid has known that and dedicated herself to that for many, many years. [applause] she has fans in the audience.
8:48 am
ingrid grew up in the mission district and attended san francisco public schools. she raised her two daughters in san francisco and is the proud grandmother of two granddaughters, who like her, are being raised in san francisco. she currently serves and most recently was appointed by mayor london breed for the director of the childhood education where she is pioneering policy on equity and systems change to disrupt racial inequity. ingrid, thank you so much for sharing all that you have done for san francisco over these last couple of decades. and for your love of children, for your love of families. and our city is a better place today because of all the work that you have done, so it is truly my honor today to honor you and latinx heritage month. thank you. >> thank you.
8:49 am
>> thank you, supervisors safai and members of the board. i am honored, i'm humbled, i'm grateful for being part of this city. my parents emigrated here in the 60s from central america, from el salvador. and one of values they instilled was we're going to to be bilingual no matter what. that's a value i carried forward. [please stand by]
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8:51 am
united states. by shining a light on current issues his work is meant to challenge racism people of color and other heroes face with a more positive conversation through familiar images. ruby's often challenging visual pieces seek to create a cultural shift and bring beauty into the world. by uplifting the stories and personal a long journeys of those left out of the mainstream culture, he hopes people will expand their understanding who and what is valuable and worth our attention.
8:52 am
and politicians. i want to share a couple pieces of his artwork. can we have the projector, please? ruby's artwork features the vulnerable and fallen that we will never forget. who was tragically last after separated from his parents at the border, nina was murdered over a year ago at the bart macarthur station, marsha p johnson, the new york based lgbtq transactivist who was a trailblazer for transgender and
8:53 am
gay and aids activism, and elder nathan phillips who showed honor in the face of hatred in front of the lincoln memorial. two of my personal favorites. i am not going to say it. i don't want to get in trouble. [applause.] thank you for those. as a powerful voice for cultural change and includessiveness, i am honored to commend ruby for work as an artist and activist. in the time that is so difficult in so many ways to be an artist in san francisco, i want to personally thank you for coming down to accept this and i can't
8:54 am
wait to see what else you will create in the years to come. [applause.] >> thank you for having me. i never thought when i moved here this would ever happen to me. unfortunately, i don't have many words to share other than i hope everybody is open to changing because a lot of what we learned growing up is wrong, and just be open to that. that is all i have to say. thank you. [applause.]
8:55 am
>> superviseser fewer. >> i would like to call up ms. sanchez. most people know i don't stand for these things. considering it i feel i am left. it is my great pleasure to recognize sanchez as my honoree in celebration of latin month. with the california youth justice alliance. she is organizing against the criminalization of undocumented people since 2015 when ice illegally kidnapped her grandfather. through her organizing she was able to force ice to stop the
8:56 am
van her grandfather was in on the way to mexico and release him back to another home to take him back to his home where he has lived for 26 years. she comes from mexico city as an ad das anand is the first to gre from her family from high school and first to graduate from college setting an example for her younger siblings. she is a dreamer in every aspect of the word. she dreams of liberation and justice, alive for her parents that alive them to thrive to be economically secure. she dreams of the end of criminalization of undocumented people. she is doing something about it. she has ledd led the deportation
8:57 am
campaigns and trained youth to build leadership and knowledge. she is the recipient of the the scholarship. success for an undocumented student at san francisco state. she is a representation of a younger generation who are not afraid, who are resilient and strong and who will not be deferred to securing human rights. i have known her for 10 years. it is because she shared with me her terrifying a long journey, her family situation and how undocumented families lives are affected by the immigration policies every day that set the policies for the creation of the deportation defense unit at the public defender's office. i want to thank her for deepening my understanding and
8:58 am
tire less work to bring liberation and justice to all people, but in particular to our undocumented community. [applause.] >> thank you for standing up for immigrants in our community. i would like to recognize the people, community and my family who supported my a long journey. this goes to the california immigrants alliance where i work to an organizer who has shown me what a bold leader looks like through the defense liberateters fleeing people from detention centers, to the communications that have transformed the
8:59 am
narrative in california. tto my loving family for always having my back in spite of the hard times to my uncle who encouraged me to move to the bay area and do this work. and to my undocumented community for making the impossible possible. while this country was founded on racist laws, here we are breaking them all and creates a world with no cages, where we stop the criminalization of all people in the country. lastly i celebrate this as long as we continue to work for a world without cages and to abolish ice. thank you also much.
9:00 am
[applause.] >> next up is supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: thank you for organizing this. today i am so proud and excited to honor the committed, brilliant, activist activist


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